The Project Office

There are many variations on a theme here: the 'project office' concept that we support is only one of many options. The project office can provide key services to any project teams within an organisation, as well as being an objective source of information for the project owner, and the steering committee. The project office can work with different individual projects, but should not be part of an individual project team.  It manages aspects of project management which are common to most IM&T projects. For example, their responsibilities might include:

  • Developing & maintaining the project management methodology
  • Developing and maintaining relevant standards and procedures
  • Reviewing proposals, status reports and other key documents issuing from the project
  • Conducting project reviews
  • Coordinating steering committee meetings, and related documentation
  • Coordinating training for project managers, sponsors and owners


The PMO might be a competency centre, providing coaching and mentoring for staff, and may also manage project libraries.  The key however is that they have some degree of independence from the project team, and have some authority in terms of insisting on adherence to agreed standards, policies and methodologies.

One organisation we have worked with agrees to an overall project budget, but only allocates funds on a quarterly basis.  Ongoing funding depends on a number of factors, one of which is support from the project office.

Island Consulting has specific expertise in setting up and running a project office that meets the identified needs of the business. Contact us to find out how we can help.