Our Services

Island Consulting specializes in Information Technology Management, and Project Management. The services we provide are:

Information Technology Management

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Standards and Policies
  • Business Case development
  • Feasibility studies

Project Management

  • Quality Assurance & Health Checks
  • Project Management Training
  • Project Office Management
  • Project Reviews

Why Island Consulting?

Our staff specialise in providing IT and Project Management services.  We provide an unbiased external perspective.  When issues arise during major projects, critical activities such as risk management, change management and quality assurance may fall by the wayside - at a time when it can least be afforded!

Our range of services are designed to help businesses maximise their project’s chances of success.  They are specifically designed to complement and augment the skills provided by your project managers. 

We are proud of our independence: as we don’t offer services that compete with mainstream project managers, we are able to offer unbiased opinions and advice that you can rely on.