The ICT Strategic Plan

As mentioned in the previous page, the Strategic Plan document will be different for each organisation, and some organisations have a specific template that must be adhered to. We suggest that a good strategic plan document will be easy to read, and be short and to the point. It does not have to have details about the ICT business plan, or even details of ICT projects. Those should all be documented separately, and be cross-referenced. A good Strategic Plan should contain:

  • Title page, table of contents
  • Introduction, including the period covered by this plan
  • Corporate objectives, strategies, and major initiatives
  • ICT Strategies, with a page for each strategy explaining what it is and how it contributes to ICT and Corporate objectives
  • A matrix / diagram showing the relationship of these strategies to objectives and other relevant plans
  •  Optionally, a list of major ICT initiatives that will support these strategies (not an exhaustive list of every minor project!)
  • Optionally, background documentation resulting from the tasks undertaken in the strategic planning process (above)
Island Consulting staff have experience with Strategic Plans at the ICT and Corporate level, developed in the private and public sectors. Can we  help you?  It costs nothing to find out, so contact us today, and talk over your requirements.