The relatively short list of 'typical' activities should not infer that this is a simple task. We were involved in a successful project which had a full time change management team of five people over three years. Every step can be complex and benefit from the use of experienced staff.

For example, 'stakeholders' may include staff from your Information Technology, Human Resource, and Accounting areas as well as your counter / manufacturing staff. Are your clients affected? Does it change the way you report to the board of directors? Are there legal implications, or changes in the distribution channel? Could it affect organisations who supply goods or services to you? Stakeholders may be a far bigger group that you first imagine.

When analysing the training and communications requirements, you will need to determine which approaches work best for each group of stakeholders.  Maybe face to face or classroom training works best in one part of the organisation, and written or computer based may work best somewhere else. Should training be tested? Should staff have access to 'beta' or 'training' areas to allow them to become familiar with the new arrangements?

Will you provide 'experts' at each site, to assist staff during the implementation phase? What help desk options are to be available? Can your PABX infrastructure cope? Are the 'help files' adequate? What reference manuals / facilities are appropriate? If jobs are changing significantly, counselling services may be appropriate, particularly if redundancies are a possibility.

The Key to Change Management

Many of the skills needed for effective change management may already be available in your organisation. Many others are readily available from consulting / contracting suppliers.

The key is to coordinate all of these various activities and ensure that each is completed at the appropriate time.  It is a very risky proposition to leave these tasks to an inexperienced person. They are best done by someone who has experience, and a proven track record in change management / coordination in a project environment. 

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